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Smart Beekeeping

Technologies are your smartest and easiest way to manage your hives. You will be able to manage you hive and to monitor them in a scientific way. We help you to understand bees and to improve your knowledge.

Healthy bees and vet Services

Our vets and beekeepers experts will help you to ensure the best beekeeping practices and tips. A set of preventive analysis and diseases management certification will allow you to ensure the best environment for beekeeping activities.

Beekeeping Mentoring Center

Because we believe that Beekeeping is an art filled with passion, hard skills and discipline, we provide to our beekeepers and partners a highly effective training. We help our beekeepers to understand more their bees us they are inside.

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All internal and external factors that influence bees and beehives, can be measured and quantified. New technologies can be a perfect tool to help beekeepers diagnosing and predicting issues. While it’s essential to generate instant warnings, it’s better to analyze deeply the data to understand every cause and its effect.


  • GPS location
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Weight Monitoring
  • Clouded database
  • BeeMotion
  • Health monitoring and vet control
  • Quality certification
  • Beekeeping Training
  • Hive Sponsorship


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Bee Biology

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what we do

Data Extraction

Using many sensors, we are able to understand the bee’s behavior and to supervise them closely.


Data Clouding

All extracted data will be stored and managed in our databases. We are implementing Traceability in the beekeeping value chain.


Power Business Intelligence

Our dashboards provide a full view for your beekeeping activity, updated in real time, and available on all of their devices.


Machine Learning

In progress.


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We are gathering technologies and biology to make your bees happier

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